Beauty and the Beast

Built in 1911 by the Romanian architect Toma Dobrescu, the building on 46 Lascăr Catargiu Boulevard has recently gone through a renewal process that brought it back to life. Crossing the boulevard, the viewer is intrigued by the contrast between two identical and mirrored buildings, one that carries our contemporary intervention, and the other that bears witness to the past. Integrated contemporary additions such as technological elements are kept of the sight, and designed in line with the original architecture.  The intervention emphasizes details that are specific to the architectural style of the last century: hard wood floors and inlaying of the walls and ceilings, the wooden staircase that was thoroughly restored the woodwork and metal fittings, the original roof timber structure, façade details. The attic hosts an open, multifunctional space furnished with timber and brick in a minimalistic manner.

For the conversion and restoration, the architects used contemporary elements required for the functionality of the space. The subtle intervention preserves the beauty of the old building without damaging the elements of the original architecture.

Winner of “ANUALA DE ARHITECTURĂ BUCUREȘTI 2018”  section “Architecture, Conversion and Restoration” with 1st prize! 



Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna