Bohemian Apartment

Each house deserves to carry in its own vibration a part of the energy invested by the one, those who live in it. In this house, this comes together perfectly, through the building that this house emanates from the first step you take in the house. I designed this house starting from the idea of large spaces, spaces where you can walk freely and feel free. From this idea, the house benefits from glass partitions and the effect of increasing the space by using mirrors.
From the first look in the house, you are greeted by a dining area in blue tones, surrounded by cream textiles and the warmth of wood. This is the connection area between the kitchen, separated from the rest of the house by a black glass partition, and the living room area where you can relax after a long day in the soft and fluffy pillows. In the vicinity of this living room we also have a playroom, where children can play freely. This apartment is designed for a family with two children, a girl and a boy. In the playroom I created a story space, with chandeliers made of colored balloons and a little animal on the wall, a funky rabbit that seems to want to go out to play.
The house is decorated in neutral, cream tones, a lot of wood thanks to the chevron parquet and small inserts of blue. The finishes are carefully chosen, with decorative plaster on the walls in the common rooms and the master bedroom and custom wallpaper for the two children. In this house there are also two bathrooms, the children’s bathroom and the matrimonial bathroom.
The bedrooms were arranged according to the personality of each owner. The girl’s bedroom is colored in light tones of pale pink, with upholstery chosen from two shades and a mountain design that I created behind the bed from the wardrobe doors. The bed is framed by these doors, together with a box frame that can be disassembled. Also in this room is a fine drawing made of a rainbow in pale shades, which invites you to dream again of the moments after the rain in your childhood. The boy’s bedroom is decorated in blue tones, with small orange inserts. The wallpaper on the walls is made of many small animals that went on an adventure with the help of air balloons, and the bed upholstery is beautifully framed by a series of shelves in pale orange shades.
Access to the master bedroom is through a dressing room outlined on two sides, with gold mirror doors. The bedroom welcomes you in cooler shades but at the same time welcoming, with concrete and velvet textures. In this bedroom, I also created a small metal library in the TV area, the library fits perfectly in the space, with cube-shaped MDF display spaces.
In the bathrooms, you can find fine, clear lines with small inserts of color at the level of the sink tops. The small bathroom benefits from a spacious bathtub separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition. Glass can also be found above the tanks, a matte white glass, outlined by a metal structure and lit from behind.
The master bathroom can be described as a minimalist bathroom, with an accent wall placed at the end of the perspective, made of large and impressive tiles with a special color scheme. Everything follows fine, minimal lines. The light is provided by spotlights in the ceiling and the LED strip inserted at the level of the mirror and the metal structure with glass behind the tanks.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna