“From Sky to Sea” is the design concept for the interior of this home. We used many elements inspired by fluid air and calm seas, creating a warm atmosphere for the owners. All these details are also complemented by strategically placed lighting.
The “floating” ladder, with its suspended cables, embraces and supports the design story .If in the living room we designed a furniture that combines materials such as wood, white metal and white plywood, in the kitchen we continued in the same register, using white tones as an artifice to change the height of the room.
The bedrooms and bathrooms are designed with different themes, personalized for those who use them. For example, the daughter’s room is imagined as a story filled with “star dust, among the clouds”. We placed golden stars on a dusty pink wallpaper and friendly clouds over the colorful furniture and toys.
Finally, we tried to moved away from the rigors of the design theme and let the four owners (two parents and two children) participate in the decoration of their home with personal belongings.


Bucharest - Romania