Experimental Holiday Cabin

Designed as a reinterpretation of traditional Romanian countryside houses, this experimental holiday house was imagined with the purpose of creating a place where to spend time in a relaxing, tranquil and beautiful scenery.
The entire house measures 38 m2 and is divided by a centrally placed core, including a bathroom and a kitchenette, into two smaller units – a bedroom and a living room. Glazed doors open on the terraces on the south and west sides. The south façade has large glazed doors that open on to the terrace, allowing uninterrupted views to the surrounding nature. The western façade is also provided with fully glazed sliding doors opening towards the terrace and the outside. In order to provide shelter from the sun, the western façade doors are equipped with horizontally hinged shutters witch can be opened or closed design to provide the interior space with different games between light and shadow during the day.


Bihor - Romania