Exquisite Apartment

Răzvan Bârsan + Partners’ s interior and architecture teams create unique concepts for the residential sector – homes, villas, mansions and private residences, apartment buildings.
The designer’s approach, pragmatic and collaborative, brings value to any apartment by focusing on the overall vision of the client, transforming passions and properties into unique spaces.
The character of an apartment comes from the owner’s lifestyle and personal taste – highlighted by the architect with a style approach – modern design, contemporary or classic design, industrial or Scandinavian, minimalist design. Elegant finishes and textures, assorted materials, custom furniture pieces and innovative fit-out solutions combine aesthetics and functionality.
A designer finds complete solutions for the decoration of an apartment, regardless of surface, style or budget. Each space – living room, bedroom, children’s bedroom, personal office or hobby room, is customized and designed with the client’s needs in mind, without compromising design budget and style.
The details used, the colors, the furniture pieces and the decorative design elements are essential in creating an intimate decor, an apartment with a warm or modern feel, a place that the owner can call “home”.


Bucharest - Romania