Glam House

We had the pleasure to build a house for an international actress who wished to be surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the spotlights, even at home. We realised that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary house, but a memorable setting like the ones we see in movies or plays.

Gold is the material that best captures the idea of luxury and extravagance, so we decided to drape the facades in a golden alloy. The metallic boards reflect the sunlight and the surroundings, creating interesting bright effects. Some of the windows are covered with golden perforated panels that slide to the sides.

When working with such pretentious materials it is easy to cross the border between refinement and kitsch, so we tempered the design with grey ceramic cladding on the facade. As a result, the gleaming ribbon complements the neutral tones, creating a balanced effect.

The fluidity of the facades continues throughout the interior space, designed to accommodate not only the family, but also mondain events.


Bucharest - Romania