Glamour Rental

The design of this apartment started from the client’s wish of a glamorous and functional style. Our objective was to make the space as efficient as possible in order to obtain enough storage space and to create a neutral, relaxing and pleasant but bold mood. Considering the layout of the apartment and its surface, our main goal was to include optical illusions meant to visually increase the space to make it more generous and welcoming.

Therefore, we used large mirrors to completely cover a bathroom wall and to create a continuous line which harmonizes the living room and the bedroom. The smoking mirror is the leitmotiv of the design as it is the finishing that gives balance and harmony and the desired glamour. The colour tones are elegant, natural, earthy with golden glam accents. As the first room one enters is the living room, it was kept simple, with the essential items and welcoming with accents laying in the materials and textures chosen.

Our favorite accents are the straight-line, modern dark bras doorhandles, the sculpted console of the transparent glass dining table and the elegance of the golden chair, gorgeously combined with the beige finishing with small metal inserts in fiber. For the finishing of the walls we chose key/highlighted areas which were covered in wallpaper. In the living room different textures complement each other. Behind the sofa we chose a daring, textured wallpaper with Elegant lines and soft touch. For the wall behind the TV we preferred a textured wallpaper but much more subtle. In the bedroom the wall behind the bed was covered in wallpaper with geometric pattern with discrete metallic tinges.
Considering the small dimensions of the bedroom, our main target was to amplify the space by covering the entire dressing in mirror. For a better functionality, a versatile space was included in the façade of the storage and it was treated as a small desk or a boudoir area. As perspective highlight when entering the room there is a small make up/mirrored desk with ambiental lighting and an elegant sool.

The bedroom is equipped with a generous bed perfect for a master bedroom. The Upholstery of the structure and of the headboard protects against accidents and also the wall with the door was covered partially for protection, ensuring durability and prolonged maintenance of the whole design. For the kitchen the same simple lines and metallic inserts in the doors and dark bras color handles were used as for the rest of the layout. Considering the small space of the kitchen our goal was to keep it as clean and as airy as possible emphasizing the working area on the countertop with embedded lighting in the overhead cabinets. The bathroom was designed in complete unity, we used large ceramic plates and the mirror wall to enhance its dimensions. The original bathtub was transformed in a generous walk-in shower with an extra ambience and privacy thanks to the light insertion in the sidewall.


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna


40.9 sqm