Hangar House

The construction brings together two apparently incompatible functions, thinning the line between the two. Is it a vacation home placed inside a shed or is the gyrocopter parked inside the house? Actually, both answers are correct.

We imagined a continuous, coherent space able to shelter both the living spaces and the garage. The latter is the central point of the house and it is treated as an exhibition area rather than a regular shed.  The owner can display his collection formed of vintage cars, a gyrocopter and other machinery. Naturally, the collection can also be admired from the living room that opens to the pool area.

For the facades we used a combination of wood and metal sheets to express the duality of the building – wood gives a “homey” feeling, whereas rough metal adds an industrial touch. Same goes for the shape of the construction, as pointed roofs are commonly seen in both houses and sheds.

The owner can now surprise his friends not only with a week-end by the pool, but also with an unexpected ride.  In the end, how many can say that they just took off from the living room?



Ploiesti - Romania