Industrial Mood

We are eager to see a growing tendency in residential architecture for the the use of previously considered “cold materials”. We met a couple who is fascinated with the industrial style and with its potential as a source of inspiration for contemporary architecture. Fortunately, the encounter led to a daring project that allowed us to experiment with materials, textures and emotions.

A key aspect in creating an industrial-like feeling  was keeping the structural elements visible – from the concrete walls, to the metal beams and the crossed pillars on the staircase.  Materials that are usually associated with an industrial style also become relevant :  wide metal surfaces, glass and visible concrete that enclose rectangular volumes into a playful composition. The curtain walls flood the interiors with light, whereas the textured concrete and metal add personality and depth to the facades. The same materials and textures clothe the inside of the house, amplifying the design by the exterior.

For this design, the biggest challenge is in creating a comfortable and welcoming ambience in a space dominated by materials that look and feel cold. The solution is to design with light, with textures and with natural elements, finding the perfect balance between the industrial and the familiar mood.


Pipera - Romania