Isberg Office

The lobby is the entryway to any building and that is the reason why we’ve paid so much attention to details. As first impressions count, we’ve created a pleasant and comfortable space. For this office building we chose for the theme the iceberg, a solid yet powerful symbol representative of a successful businessman. Very often, we only get to see the final results, without considering the hard work put into it. The same happens with an iceberg, a giant with a solid base hidden beneath the water.
In this design we meant to bring a futuristic yet powerful design, with fluid forms and new materials. We created a reception area, a lounge area and a bar.
The reception desk and the other furniture items in the lounge area are treated like iceberg peaks and are highlighted by the glass walls surrounding them. By using ”frozen” glass material on the illuminated walls, we wanted to render the exact glacial atmosphere of frozen waters, continued along the floors, suggested by drawing threads made in the epoxy resin.
The ceiling becomes significant through its ice pieces spreading across the lobby, representing the ideas and solutions that shape our experiences.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates