Le Boutique

Le Boutique – Food Concept Store is a restaurant close to Bucharest’s city center that combines the passion for Italian cuisine with ambiance and design. Everyday meals become delightful moments for the customers.

Natural wood finishes give the space a warm feel and create a game of empty- complete spaces. As light flows through, discreet shadows emerge, giving depth to the entire room. The ceiling is decorated with wooden boards framed by rectangular shapes; the ceiling’s design is continued with circular wood sections as found on the wall behind the bar.  These wood segments also emphasize the graphic background for the entire bar area.

The walls are decorated with framed chalkboards, boards that visually illustrate the specialty of the restaurant and present positive messages addressed to the guests.

The irregularly placed shelves are the pièce de résistance of the design. The shelves display a wide variety of wines, carefully selected by the staff.  Despite the modest budget used for the completion of the design, Le Boutique succeeds to offer its guests remarkable moments in a memorable place.


Bucharest - Romania


Răzvan Hairum