Mediteranean House

Over the past year, Mediterranean architecture has been a worldwide source of inspiration. With the recent rise in temperature, this kind of architecture, typical for warm climates, becomes suitable for colder zones now getting warmer. This is why we decided to create a modern house in a temperate climate, inspired by Mediterranean architecture.

A sense of simplicity, calm and freshness defines the construction. The brightness of the white walls is emphasised by the details of the windows and woodwork, while the shallow slopes of the roofs add more dynamicity to the facades. The overall shapes, the simple contrasting finishes – white plaster, wood and stone – recreate the idyllic atmosphere of sunny beaches.

As the relationship with nature is one of the most important aspects for the Mediterranean style, we created wide terraces and balconies that brighten the interior space and open views to the garden and the pool. The living room and the dining room open entirely to the garden through glass sliding doors. This way, the inhabitants have the impression that they are outside while staying inside.


Bucharest - Romania