The showroom entrance merges the interior’s elements into shapes of trees that welcome the visitors. All this stands as a tribute metaphor to the merging of east and west cultures, brought together by the unique designs of the handcrafted items.

The design of the small gallery’s walls takes the form of a kirigami artwork, where folds can be used as exhibition shelves, as support panel for the information items or even seats for visitors when the space transforms into a space for workshops, conferences or representations area.

This way, the interior is a blank paper, that through folds and cuts, becomes a concrete multi-functional and flexible space, with a highly visual impact.

The design is focused on one of the most popular arts in China Рpaper art,  an occupation that has continuously  evolved since  the discovery of paper.

Among ceramic, painting, sculpture or textile arts, the whole interior design stands as an artwork in itself due to its modern fluent shapes and thus can be considered as an extension of the 1+1 current exhibition.


Beijing - China