Office Storage and Building

This project emphasizes that particular situation, often found in architecture, where function dictates the exterior design of the building.

In this case, the building accommodates the headquarters of a company specialized in the prudction and commercialization of electronic products and thus the design theme was shaped from the very beginning by the need for a high security level, especially for the main and product storage areas.

The architects chose a structure made of reinforced concrete pillars and beams, and closures made from the same material. Only the office areas found on the first floor and mezzanine enjoy natural light, through small gaps appearing on the volume of the building. The reception area which also serves as a showroom is an exception in regard to the large glass surfaces that mark the position of the vertical circulation and vertical division of the building. For the exterior the choice is a ceramic, ventilated façade system with a dynamic stereotomy.

Although the height is lower than the adjacent buildings, the building fits harmoniously into the urban fabric of the area.


Bucharest - Romania


Stelian Popa, Monica Creţu