Open Views

A youthful design with limitless possibilities, built around a mixture of strong colors and shades, from pastels to the most vivid and saturated nuances. When it comes to color, wall surfaces vary in intensity and create playful optical illusions. The room’s chromatic balance is created with the help of small prints and patches of the client’s favorite shades of color, while the natural wood furniture harmonizes the ensemble.

This arrangement also creates a contrast between cold colors and warm materials, between cool color tones and cozy textured materials. The living area is also enhanced by other design elements such as visible concrete and white brick insertions.

The bedrooms have a warm and simple design, without strong shades of color. The main elements of design – white walls and wooden insertions for the bed decorations and doors – fashion a soft and intimate space. To add character, the walls were decorated with subtle word graphics and wallpaper.


Bucharest - Romania