Pattern House

Pattern house is a unique home with a specific geometric design, where simple forms follow complex patterns in order to describe movement. The aim of this space is to create an animated atmosphere through materials, light and texture so the users experience its emerging energy.
Textures describe patterns on walls, floor and ceiling, continuing with the furniture that completes the geometry with its discrete shape.
Designed for a young couple with two children, the ground floor is used for the living and dining room along with the office space, whereas bedrooms are placed at the first level. The general atmosphere is neutral, the accent is placed on angular surfaces and textures. Color is used especially for the children’s rooms and bathrooms. Each room has a thematic design and uses the space in a creative way – the office for one of the children’s room borrows the form of a house, whereas the other one is designed as a village skyline seen from the planes above. Walls are decorated with a special chalkboard paint which describes the form of the houses, plans are flying above the bed meanwhile light slightly invades the blue paint on the wall as if the sky was invaded by sunlight.
The living room takes the visitor in a sort of a showroom space, taking its inspiration from the classic saloons where the piano used to be the center of attention, surrounded by sculptures and seating areas.
The staircase captures the attention through its perforated railway that makes its way upstairs through organic forms.
Basic materials are upgraded through various cuts and edges and these specific details give them a modern interpretation.


London - England