Pazo Youth Residence

Located in a blooming neighbourhood in the centre of Bucharest, this youth housing block catches the eye with its balanced architectural composition, elegance of the simple straight lines and the quality of the finishes.
As architecture in Bucharest tends to be more conservative, especially when it comes to collective housing, the project underlines a growing tendency to reexamine and renew the way in which we relate to our cities and our homes. Why should we consider our homes hiding places instead of windows to the world? Why can`t industrial textures and materials create a homey feeling?
We covered the facades in fiber cement and in Aluminium composite boards that offer the building a contemporary aspect. With the same purpose, a part of the structural elements have been left visible – the X becomes a recurrent pattern that breaks the orthogonality of the ensemble. Instead of creating small openings, we opened the housing units through transparent surfaces that allow the inhabitants to enjoy natural light and panoramic views of the city.
The irregular shape of the site and the several blind walls that border the property, shaped the building and the position of the windows and balconies.
The locals are invited to interact with their neighbours in the common areas, creating a sense of belonging to a community.


Bucharest - Romania