Piano Bar

Răzvan Bârsan + Partner is an award-winning international design firm specializing in architecture, interior design, engineering, project management and general planning, with a diversified portfolio on the national and international market.
We are addressing a global public, aware of an architect’s role in creating meaningful spaces. We explore business opportunities on the global market and seek to develop the company through the shared design vision of international communities meaning a sustainable, remarkable and user-centered architecture.
Our architects and designers use technical excellency, imagination and sustainable technical solutions to inspire our international clients and investors, leaders in the field of residential, public and commercial, corporate, hotels, retail, educational investments.
We expand our knowledge in design and refine a balanced collaboration between architects, designers, engineers and professionals from the international design business; we explore identities, communities and the relationship between the built space and the environment, as it develops in the field of international architecture.


Kiev - Ukraine