Scandinavian House

Răzvan Bârsan + Partners is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in design, interior design, engineering, project management and general planning, with a diversified portfolio in the residential, sector. We are addressing an educated public, aware of an architect’s role in creating memorable spaces for the residential market.
The blueprints of a house, a private residence are the results a in collaboration between architects, engineers, urban planners and specialists in the field, optimal for creating a functional layout and volume, compatible with the authorization and execution process.
When designing a home, the architect wants to create an original and sophisticated exterior and a layout in harmony with the structural plan and the design concept. Striking architectural elements and design details integrate with the layout and floor plan and create a functional yet aesthetic home.
Modern, contemporary or industrial architecture, adapts and resonates with the environment and the building site, as well as with the needs of the owner for space, surface, layout and lifestyle.
Whether it’s a traditional house, modern house or urban dwelling, designed with natural wood or concrete, the architect and designer find shapes and details that combine harmoniously the interior – exterior spaces with the environment; they use design elements – natural finishes, concrete, metal structures, glass and glazed facades; high-end materials and technologies to place the home in a modern context.
When designing a house, the architects designates the ground floor fits for the day-to-day activates – living and dining area, kitchen, deck or patio, personal office, while the floor plan or attic holds more private spaces like the master bedroom, children’s room or guest bedroom.
The spaces that are dedicated to recreation, uniquely designed to the needs of the owner, are integrated in the architectural plan – SPA area, indoor pool, the hobby room, and continued with the landscape design of the yard and garden – outdoor furniture, outdoor pool, and barbecue area.


Otopeni - Romania