September Sunset

Home is where we always find peace and relaxation, the place where worries don’t cross at the door and the soul finds its comfort. This apartment was designed for a young couple who wants to recreate a romantic rendez-vous by the lake, on a September afternoon. Compositions made from wood, stone and diffuse light help define the various rooms.
Named September Sunset, the apartment previously had an interior partition with poor spatial qualities. It has been reconfigured to create an open yet intimate space with large windows, an open living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Within this design we created a romantic atmosphere – textures sensible to the touch, natural elements such as wood that evoke warmth or the colour of the leaves that fall at the end of the season. We chose moody colours and nostalgic textures.
The bedrooms could be interpreted as an oasis of peace, with its mood rising and falling with the movement of the sun. The velvet, blue, grey undertones of the wall shift throughout the day, and the satin finishing in its liquid moodiness remind us of the late afternoon reflection of a lake.
The painting’s graphic, the plants resembling tree branches and the comfortable furniture, invite you to immerse yourself in its soft cushions, to enjoy the warmth of home.


Bucharest - Romania