Tree Lovers Residence

Răzvan Bârsan + Partners is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in design, interior design, engineering, project management and general planning, with a diversified portfolio in the residential sector – apartment buildings, residential complex, exclusive homes or collective housing. We are addressing an educated public, aware of an architect’s role in creating meaningful spaces.
The architecture of a residential neighborhood, is the result of a close collaboration between architects, designers, engineers and specialists in the field; they create an aesthetic and functional volume – with an exclusive and a relevant design, compatible with the investment plan and the future owner’s needs.
The design of a residential complex strikes out from the rest with the help of a customized concept – an exterior volume with a modern design, with classic elements for the interior spaces, with high-end finishes and exterior details that allow the owners those much desired facilities – green spaces and playgrounds, parking facilities.
Following the line of contemporary design and making use of quality finishes and materials, fit-out solutions and innovative technologies, the architecture for a collective housing project breaks anonymity and introduces a building that harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality.


Bucharest - Romania