Urban Jungle

The arrangement meets all the requirements of the beneficiaries who wanted a space with a non-conformist, playful but functional design, with enough storage and work places. The concept is inspired by the image of a jungle, with many complementary decorative elements. Although each of the ten offices is decorated differently, they all share common paint shades and accent pieces.

In plan, the 6-meter-high first floor accommodates employee work areas, the meeting room, and the secluded, open-ceilinged second floor consists of three managers’ offices, plus a lounge area with a view to the meeting room below (not covered by the ceiling).

To preserve at least the perception of closed, private spaces, cardboard tubes were used above the partitions on the first level, attached to the concrete ceiling (painted, like the existing installations, black). The problem of acoustics in open offices was solved by using sound-absorbing panels of different shapes.

The design of the meeting room, the main room on the first level, was inspired by a natural habitat. Here the idea of ​​a bamboo forest is found, and above the table are suspended stylized birds with a decorative and functional role (to absorb noise).


Bucharest - Romania


Anatol Struna