Voluntari Residence

Situated in an up-and-coming suburban area, this single family residence stands out through its simple volumetric proportions, its discrete chromatic and mix of elegant finishes that form a balanced appearance.

The tone of the setting and the resulting ensemble emerges from the intimate relationship established between the interior and exterior spaces. The alternation of closed and open terraces ensures a lean transition from the built to the natural environment, encouraging the owners to dedicate time to their extended outdoor spaces.

The facades are characterized by the playful intervention of stone paneling and alternating coated walls.

The interior of the house introduces fluid, generous spaces that invite the visitors and owners to interact and relax. The interior design is dominated by natural elements such as natural finishes, natural wood through the striking bamboo trunks and floral decorations, elements that enhance the house’s connection to nature.




Voluntari - Romania


Stelian Popa