Carol Park Residence

Located near Carol Park in Bucharest, the project aims to offer a reinterpretation of the specific location of the site in its urban context. While being surrounded by old industrial factories, the lower and the higher part of this residential building will have very different approaches towards the city. The lower-level apartments will have a view towards the industrial site while upper-level apartments will have a view towards the park. Therefore, the building is composed of two main registers accordingly. The ground floors benefit of a double skin-like cover in order to gain a protection from dust and noise. This cover is apparently continuos and symmetrical, hiding behind a variety of different apartments. The concept was inspired by the character of Bucharest, a city in which the most specific and beautiful places are hidden behind inexpressive facades.
Given this configuration, the living spaces are generous and adequate, being filtered by numerous “loggia”s. Furthermore, the upper levels seem to fade away, due to the large terraces and abundance of greenery, thus allowing the park panorama to enter the building.


Bucharest - Romania