Fictional Machine

Creating an interior design for this old house and its compelling personality, has proved to be quite a challenge. The architect had to revive the space and imprint it with the personality of the new owner, an adventurous, energetic couple, hybrid personalities placed between the past and science-fiction.
The interior becomes a replica of a room carved out of a fictional novel, “Titus Alone” by Mervyn Peake, a work of fiction that describes the adventures of a teenage boy who suddenly wakes up in an unknown world, in an hybridized castle that combines traditional design with modern composition – glazed surfaces, pipes, exposed technical equipment and other metallic elements are placed in a retro-futurist style.
Old decorative elements were preserved, restored and combined with metallic accessories under the form of silver decorations and industrial furniture pieces. The decor’s white paint, signifier of purity, is complemented by the white wooden floor that gives a warm feel to the touch, representing at the same time a gate into another world through the last, rougher layer. Natural light penetrates and floods the interior through the large, tall windows, while artificial light is generated through unique lighting fixtures that give a warm ambient.
The entire indoor space has been designed as a contrast between a Victorian and futurist style; the contrast becomes visible through the colours and design elements : for the living and dining area, the architect used an old brick wall, marble accents and granite stairs, alongside old leather couches to accent the hybridising of the two styles.


Otopeni - Romania