Kendo Tower

As improbable as it may seem, the shape of the building was inspired by the traditional helmet wore by kendo fighters. However, after finding out that it is a contemporary “temple” dedicated to the martial arts, the reason may not sound as unlikely.
The architectural composition emerges from the dialogue between the tower and the round-shaped volume. While the first hosts office spaces, the latter offers space for showrooms, conferences, ceremonies, performances, restaurants and sports, becoming the most dynamic part of the complex.
The contrasts can also be noticed on the facades, where black and white surfaces blend as a subtle reference to the Asian philosophy of yin and yang. Just like the kendo helmet, the spherical volume is dark colored and surrounded by horizontal louvers that protect the interiors from the harsh sun. The same pattern repeats on the tower on a narrow surface.
As expected, the interior spaces are fluid and organic, leading visitors on a memorable journey through the Asian culture.


Bucharest - Romania