BRP Energy

BRP Energy is a consulting company in Bucharest. The team is made up of young people with creative ideas. We have respected, understood and tried to implement their ideas in the allocated budget.

Their activities are divided into two sub-themes, such as working with the public and activities that need quietness and intimacy. The purpose of this arrangement was to create a pleasant and welcoming office space.

The theme was a dynamic,  jovial one, in warm colors with cheerful decorative elements. The color palette was inspired by the company logo, which  will be found in the colorful design of the carpet stereotomy, in the storage colors and the wallpaper design.

The space consists of a lounge area, a conference room delimited by the open space office area through a colorful glass wall, a separate office for the director, a separate office for managers and a space with a lunch area, composed from a bar and sofas. The spaces communicate with each other through printed glass doors.

Lighting was meant to be punctual, with cold light, and in some areas there were accents of warm light through colored luminaires.


Bucharest - Romania


Stelian Popa