Luxury Restaurant

Răzvan Bârsan + Partners’ s interior and architecture team creates unique concepts for the public and commercial sector, retail and hotel-chain investments, including for office buildings, specialized shops, restaurants, cafés and bars, hotels, as well as various other public properties.
The designer’s approach, pragmatic and collaborative, brings value to buildings and investment, by concentrating on the overall vision of the client and transforming his passions and properties into unique interiors.
The character of each design project is defined by an exclusive style – modern design, contemporary or classic design, Scandinavian or industrial design, and is shaped by the architect through unique decorative elements, furniture pieces and innovative fit-out solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality.
An interior designer finds complete solutions for projects in the food industry area – restaurants, cafés, bars and terraces, pubs or event halls. Each space has a custom design, built around an overall concept and ingenious layout. The design style and the decor harmonize with the general floor plan, with the fluidity of the rooms, for a perfect interior design and customer service. The architecture of a restaurant, bistro, café or bar, is built around the investor’s passion for gastronomy and for spaces full of atmosphere, vibrant or intimate, modern or classic.
The decor of a bar, pub or restaurant, is perhaps the most important attraction for customers.


Kiev - Ukraine