Miorita Tower

Răzvan Bârsan + Partners is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in design, interior design, engineering, project management and general planning, with a diversified portfolio in the public, commercial, retail, corporate and office design. We are addressing an educated public, aware of an architect’s role in creating landmarks.
The architecture of an office building is the results of a close collaboration between architects, designers, engineers and specialists in the field, creating as such an aesthetic and functional volume – with an exclusive and a relevant design, compatible with the investment plan.
The design of an office building, office space, personal office or cabinet, is built around the investor’s brand, in line with a modern, contemporary design, quality finishes and materials, fit-out solutions and innovative technologies that combine aesthetics and functionality.
An architect finds complete technical solutions in designing an office building, a functional office space, regardless of the activity of the company that makes the investment. The building features functional floor plans and optimized movements – office spaces, lobby and reception area, open space offices, managerial office or conference room, recreation areas or parking spaces. The entire building is customized around an overall vision and concept, implemented in harmony with the architecture and design project, with the structural engineering project and the equipment, taking into account the needs of the company and the employees, the investment budget, style and personal brand.
The volume and facade of an office building, the finishes and materials used, the design plan and modern architectural elements are essential in creating a functional, professional and a true landmark in its urban setting.


Bucharest - Romania