Refraction Glass Expert

The design theme for this project presents and emphasizes as originally and explicitly as possible the glass and its related products, marketed by the professionals from Glass Expert. The interior highlights the exposed elements through playful refractions, used as the main design concept. The outcome is an extremely colorful space (with all the refractive prism nuances) that easily presents technologies and systems, in different environments.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the design is found in the details of the structural staircase and its transparent floor, both built entirely out of glass. The steps have different colors, ranging from hot to cold tones, while the rails make use and combine all the nuances of the space.
Together with the owner, we decided to present additional products, other than conventional ones (shower or door compartments) such as: paneling for high spaces and beams, cladding for kitchen fronts and tops, for furniture pieces (tables, desks), ventilated facades, etc. We found original, custom representations for all the products marketed by owner.


Popesti Leordeni - Romania


Anatol Struna