Whispering Pines: Spa & Gastronomic Hideaway

Protected from the chaos of the city, the SPA offers an oasis of peace and tranquility. The design was deeply influenced by light and water, two elements that potentiate each other through architecture. The encounter between these forces not only generate the shape of the building, but it also carve the overall mood, into a sensory and restorative experience.
The selected materials and forms render the interlacing between the two possible. Glazed surfaces allow natural light to flood the interior and the water surface, whereas the visible concrete acts as a canvas that captures the trembling reflections of water. At the same time, water doubles the objects into a flickering mirror. The brutality of rough concrete and rusty metal emphasizes the ethereal nature of water. The patterns perforated in the walls and roof blur the perception, adding a sense of mystery and illusion.
The architectural composition creates a sensuous experience through the antagonism between light and shadow, open and enclosed, form and void, materiality and intangibility. It is a poetic space for reflection and introspection that changes the person who enters it.


Corbeanca - Romania