Expo Milano | Italy 2015

The Expo includes the main pavilion (Pavilion Zero), as well as the pavilions of over 140 countries that took part in this event and several international organizations.
Expo Milan reached a sensitive topic, a global issue regarding our society’s ability of providing sufficient, safe and healthy food, regardless of location. The theme, “Feeding the World, Energy for Life”, was taken very seriously by each exhibitor, who brought into the public’s attention innovative methods and technologies for a sustainable future and a healthy planet, as well as traditional agricultural practices and gastronomical culture.
Some countries offered interactive and educational experiences to the visitors, such as Germany and USA; others brought the future into attention and amazed their visitors through the use of holograms, unexpected installations and lighting or sound effects, such as Korea, Spain or Japan; some countries, on the other hand, focused on offering amazing synesthetic experiences, by introducing the visitor into an artificially created “natural” setting, such as Austria or Slovenia.
All in all, the Expo Milano experience revealed the unceasing creative power of artists worldwide, who put their efforts into shading a light on such an important issue as nurturing the people while maintaining equilibrium on our planetary home.

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