Bauhaus, Dessau | Germany 2015

The city of Dessau is the city known worldwide for its association with the Bauhaus, not only because the Bauhaus exerted here more influence than elsewhere, but also because the city houses the most important Bauhaus buildings, regarded today as icons of the 20th century architecture.

Our journey brought us to Dessau by means of the international Bauhaus Museum Dessau open architecture competition launched earlier this year. Here we observed the city and its strong bound to the Bauhaus and we sketched our firs ideas for the competition.

The city is a strong society, mixing present and past in the most exquisite landscape, making it easy to understand why this place was so influential and why it houses a school of architecture and design encapsulating not only architecture, but all creative arts, giving birth to a whole new way of thinking you can still get a feeling of today. Every building, every street reminds you that you are looking at the build theories and architectural innovations; this is the place where the Bauhaus really flourished, and you get a surreal feeling standing next to this famous buildings you only saw and read about in books.  

The white buildings of the Masters Houses stand out amongst the pine trees, in a small wooded area within walking distance of the Bauhaus school, in a serene landscape where you somehow feel at home. A familiar feel comes out of what then was innovative and you really start to contemplate what these masters brought to our world today.

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